Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Boob

Sexy red lingerie and heavy breathing have traditionally gone hand in hand. But a bra from inventor, Dr. Elena Bodnar, is designed to let people breathe easier. Her Emergency Bra is a protective device that transforms from a bra into two respiratory pace masks to filter out harmful airborne particles, such as those released by fire, explosion, terrorist, radiological, biological attack, and natural disasters.

This is a picture of Dr. Elena Bodnar, from Chicago, and her colleagues, inspecting the emergency bra. Dr. Bodnar was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize last year, given by the Annals of Improbable Research magazine. The

bra, converts to a pair of protective gas masks. You can purchase one for yourself on line at and is available for emergencies in sizes 32B through 40C at $29.99. Are ya thinkin' Christmas?

Who's brain thinks like this!!!

You will be happy to know that being obnoxious, forthright, in your face (that's not to be confused with close talking), persistent, and driven does have merit and is rewarded. In the course of three days, my man G has successfully rattled the cage of Babies are Us and it's parent company, Toys are Us (you always gotta tell the parents). We have gone from receiving bad furniture, complaining, and pretty much being told 'tough- take care of it' to TA DA, thank you for your comments; we will refund the entire amount and gee you don't have to disassemble anything; we will pick it up or you can donate it to your favorite charity. Unbelievable. Today, the two chests go to Salvation Army. This weekend, a lovely changing table and upright dresser will be delivered without assembly from the Land of Nod (Crate and Barrel baby store). It does cost more but hey, we aren't getting any younger. Moral, you say?
Always ask to talk to their boss. Go up and up and up the chain of command until you can't go any farther. That's when you get someone's attention.


Gayle from MI said...

Uuummmm. I sure hope the disaster doesn't happen in the summer months. My masks would be useless because they would be all wet. Just sayin.
Congrats on the furniture fix. Persistance does usually pay off. Would G like to call the hospital that sent me to collection for $100 that I never received a bill for?

Anonymous said...

I guess we full-figured gals can just choke because if you're above a C cup, you're outta luck! Or maybe we should just carry one in our purse in case of an explosion and I'm also not sharing half a cup with some schmoe next to me!!

vivian said...

With my luck an emergency would happen on the one day I didn't wear my emergency bra! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think my small-size bra would me do any good in an emergency.I might be able to use it on an infant.

spikemuffin said...

Thought you were describing Rahm Emanual for a minute there.