Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I was thinking back on what sort of bassinet I used for my two kids when they first came home from the hospital and it came to me right away - we emptied out a drawer from the dresser and padded it (probably with sox and underwear), added a baby quilt and then the baby. This odd assortment of items was suspended to bed height right next to me by three dining room chairs (actually kitchen chairs as we didn't have a dining room). The first kid got the constant shaking to see if he was still breathing. The second kid had to be howling like a pole cat to get my attention. They all still manage to muddle through those first few months of life, no matter what container they happen to find themself. So too, I thought that the first grandkid could do the same (although it wasn't up to me and no one asked anyway) until I caught sight of this precious little wheeled number that I had to purchase.

I can just picture little Violet, burping and farting and spitting up and all those wonderful noises that come out of a newborn. Oh, I forgot, crying, the big one. Well, she'll be surrounded by precious anyway.

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