Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching Up

I think I finally have more on my plate than I can handle. I have the the following on my brain:

Christmas pillows
John Mellencamp concert in Bloomington IN this weekend with Micky which
is a sleepover
Houston show and class next Tuesday
Stuff to take to FL
five cataract appointments when I get to FL after Houston
article for magazine coming out the first of the year
solo show in 2011
baby shower in November
BABY in December

It's all whirling around and around. I need to focus. Okay, I think
I will go to JoAnn's with my 50% coupons. Yeah. That should settle me down.

A love of mine is, as you know, Scrabble with my BFF Nancy in California. I love it when I start a game like this. Usually I have five i's and two o's. What would I prefer you ask? All vowels; at least you can make a word with them. Needless to say, I am losing this game.
My weekend with the girls was a blast! We had lots of visitors too so that was fun. Only problem was getting Chai out of the trunk when Mike was packing up the car to leave. She had dog food in the trunk and Chai wanted it. How cute is she?


Anonymous said...

I agree you have a lot on your plate...and you are the BEST JUGGLER I know but it is also OK to just enjoy "today and tomorrow" and allow yourself the luxury of savoring what is right in front of you!

spikemuffin said...

Was at the George R. Brown Convention Center last week. They're getting it ready for you.