Friday, October 15, 2010

Home Again

Thanks everyone for all your kind words.

I got home last night, safe and sound, with a mound of dirty clothes.

Check out this link of my boys surrounding their Stanley Cup. I couldn't just post the picture because of the .gif format. I am not technical enough for that. This is Uncle Johnny (G's brother), soon to be a dad Peter, and the G man.

They almost look ready to strap on their skates, don't they?


spikemuffin said...

Funny. If you click on the "previous" you can see their other picture with the thumbs up. Chicago boys! Welcome home Tommy.

Robbie said...

So glad you made it safe and sound. Hold on to the memories...they will make you smile and remember your mom and all of the good times, not the bad.

Anonymous said...

What a proud group! Glad you made it back safely. We'll talk next week.


Pammyfay said...

What good-lookin' men!

Corky said...

Great photo. Somewhere I have a photo of my brother drinking beer out of the Stanley cup after one of the Wings' wins. Good memories for huge hockey fans.