Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top Chef

Food depravation can do some strange things to a guy. Not so much depravation in a total way but limiting what you can eat due to what your body can intake. Take G for example. After having his apnea surgery, he couldn't eat certain things. He turned into a dreamer of those foods. It's kinda like when you say you are going on a diet and within the first two days you have packed on even more poundage just thinking about it. Same with G. So when he was getting staples from Costco (his very favorite store along with Spike - it has something to do with the large mix of car batteries, food samples that can force you to skip a meal, mattresses, and a charming set -containing 12 pair- of sox) he decided that he needed a Crock Pot. His reasoning was that at the end of the next week (this weekend) he was going to cook a chunk of meat with

all the stuff that goes with it. True to his word, after leaving work and before gracing our home with his presence, he stopped off at the store and got a pot roast, new potatoes, baby onions, celery, carrots and a CAN of beef broth. He is in the kitchen now, at 7:50 a.m. preparing his feast. I explained that it only takes 8 hours and he takes the carrot in his hand and points to the Crock Pot recipe pamphlet that came with his new toy and said ' ten hours'. I stand corrected. Is there a new Emeril emerging?
My trip to see John (no longer Cougar) Mellencamp was cancelled and it's a good thing because I got the call from the hospital that the ped department is out of baby quilts. Thanks for the heads up, I say. And so, I am hustling to replenish the supply before I head to Houston. The weather stinks anyway so I don't mind the distraction. Oh, I forgot, tomorrow is Halloween. I will have plenty of distraction!!! Plus, there is G.


spikemuffin said...

I think he just wants to get his feast ready for the Giants game this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

...have you ever just sat and read the newspaper for an hour? you must have to retread your shoes weekly!!

Mechelle said...

on your donation baby quilts do you piece them, or just do whole cloth type thing w/binding??? Just wondering.

Jane Teague said...

I found your blog through that of a friend. I just want to tell you how lucky you were not seeing John Mellencamp. Friends and I saw him in St. Louis this weekend. He was promoting his new album and barely played any of the oldies we love so much. Every woman in the rest room was complaining, people walked out in droves, and he even lost his place in the middle of a song and had to weave his way to a finish. You saved some good money!