Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Windy City

We are waiting for the winds from hell. Due to some very very low pressure here are supposed to be 60 mile an hour winds on the lake. There was just a tornado warning for all areas surrounding us but not our town. All the outdoor furniture and flags were dragged in last night to eliminate them being tossed into our windows or out in the lake. The people on the weather channel are in hog heaven!!

My only concern is bowling; will I be able to get there unscathed?


Susan Turney said...

Hi Tommy,
What a pretty bowling ball! I joined a bowling team out here, too, but haven't gotten my own ball, yet. My average started out in the 80s but it's gone up every week and so far I've beat it each time. The two guys on my team are both good bowlers....big curves and all that..but they don't always make their high averages so in my mind I'm carrying the team!!!!
We bowl at one of the casinos so if I had my own ball I'd have to lug it around afterwards when I stop to play some slots so for the time being I'll just use their's.

Anonymous said...

For a moment there, I thought your bowling ball was a doppler system that you and G purchased to really monitor the weather!
Aunt Claudia

Cindra said...

It blew through here in about 15 minutes... very exciting and ugly and quick. Happy Bowling!

maggie z. said...

you've got great balls tommy!! i'm assuming you also have one in reserve, a "lucky" ball perhaps for championship games!!