Sunday, November 07, 2010

Design Explorations

I went to Houston actually a day before the show started. That was because Anne and I signed up for a two day class that started first thing on Wednesday. It was called Design Explorations and was taught by Katie Pasquini Masopust.
Here is Katie heading up a really good class. The class description follows: Start with an original photograph, line drawing, or painting and create a departure from its reality. Enjoy exercises to explore the abstract and non-representational designs, including shape, line, blind painting, cubing, zooming, and abstract still life. Composition, color schemes, and a well thought out plan will be emphasized as you complete a full quilt design.
This was my wall with all the assignments on it except for the last two that were watercolor and I put too much paint and water on them and they were not dry in a timely manner. I do plan on finishing the last two quick studies sometime in the next couple weeks.
This is a lousy photo but I wanted to share my brown nosing and show you that I was the Teacher's Pet. Unfortunately, the 'gift' I thought I was getting (one of Katie's quilt examples)
ended up being yet another pin to add to my collection of many. I like it anyway.

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Gayle from MI said...

She taught a class at my guild in Ann Arbor last year. When some of the people in my art group showed what they had done in her class, I could have kicked myself for not taking the class. One of these days I will learn it's about the process. Not having ONE MORE THING in my space that isn't finished. Wish me luck with that one.