Monday, November 08, 2010

Fassett Nating

I've been back to the house in Florida and already going on a road trip. Nothing exciting, really but it's my first of many eye doctor appointments so it has to be done. Plus, thanks to my little sister Sara, I was once again reminded of the McRib promotion going on at McDonalds and this promotion must be for me because I have never met anyone that likes them besides me. I think that it must be an omen so I shall be stopping by Micky D's.

I was very tired when I went to bed last night; so much so that I didn't take my vitamins, or any of the nightly rituals that you go through. That is usually a mistake because by four my brain was buzzing with all sorts of thoughts. I came up with two new quilt ideas, a revamping of a couple quilts that need to be done before I have a solo show in the spring and a sketchy calendar of events for the time between now and the holidays. All in all, it was pretty constructive. I should write some of this stuff down so I don't forget!!

I will show you a little of the IQF Show each time I blog. I will start out with a special grouping of quilts that come from the book 'Simple Shapes - Spectacular Quilts' by Kaffe Fassett, and Liza Prior Lucy sponsored by a fiber company. Now, do you think that Kaffe (not his real name; his sister told me so) and Liza (we saw them at the show) gave their own book the name of Spectacular? Wow.This is just part of the collection; basically the one's that I liked the best. This is called Backgammon and was inspired by the backgammon board and a penny rug. All these quilts were machine pieced, and they were machine quilted by Judy Irish.
There is a bit of fusing on some of them. I have always liked the color combinations that Fassett uses.
This is called StripeScape and was inspired by rectangular box cars at a shipping depot.
Bicycle Wheel was greatly concieved from Kantha embroidery that features circular motifs.
Damask Quarters was roughly based on the colors of old fresco walls.

The name of this quilt is Earthly Material Boxes and gives no credit to a particular inspiration.
That's it for the show today!

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Corky said...

Love the photos and look forward to seeing more. WRT the McRib, I heard Whoppi praise it on The View last week so you're not alone.