Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Excited!!!!

I am quite excited about the group quilt. As it stands right now, we have six participants and I didn't dream I would get that many that fast. Please don't hesitate to join in. I figure that the more I have involved, the bigger the quilt or the smaller the section. Decisions, decisions. (Read yesterdays blog if you are wondering what I am talking about!) I figure with the holidays coming, I will get the parameters and section pictures out to everyone before the end of the year and give us all until May to complete. That would give me enough time to tweek, photograph and submit to Houston. How does that sound?

I will post a couple of Houston pics this morning but I gotta make it quick; I have a very busy day.

I absolutely love this and can't figure out how the artist, Alison Laurence, did it. It's called 'In A Flash' and it so reminds me of the start to the many mornings I was involved in the 500 mile AIDS rides. Unfortunately, I was one of the riders you can't see; the ones way in the back!!!!
'Rwandan Lady' is another very special one for me. It was done by Virginia Greaves and I love how this beautiful lady is looking directly at me. How masterfully has she
used commercial fabrics to such a stunning effect?

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Robbie said...

Well, we're all glutton's for punishment aren't we!! It will be fun!! So interesting to see how each different artist work goes together!! Always is a treat for sure! Thanks for more IQA quilt pics too!