Friday, November 19, 2010

IQF Final

I am sitting here waiting for a return phone call from Catholic Charities to see if I can play for the next four days before heading back north or whether I will have to shut off the computer and buckle down and do some good deeds. Either way, I have a goal; sewing or shopping, sewing or shopping.

The count for the group project (see yesterday and the day before) is ten for sure and one possible. I am cutting it off at 16 or 20 for sure before I leave Florida so that gives some of you occasional blog watchers to check out what's going on and decide to or not to participate. I am giddy with the prospect!

This is it for my version of IQF. Enjoy!
Here we have Jane Lloyd's quilt '1 Divided by Three'. It is fused and machine
quilted. There is also some netting on it.

The name of this quilt is 'Schizo Rose' by Judy Robinson Ehenst. It is machine pieced, hand embroidered and machine quilted.
This quilt is wholecloth painted and machine quilted. It is aptly named 'In Quito's Market' with a child making play with an empty box and some paper. Patt Blair is the quilter.
'Facade' is based on an entryway in Tuscany. It is fused applique by Melissa Sobotka and machine quilted.
'Drifting Currents', made by Leslie Rego, is machine pieced and quilted.


Anonymous said...

I love 1 divided by 3, but have no idea what the title means?? Duh!

Robbie said...

Can't wait, Tommy! 'In Quito's Market' is stunning! Just beautiful!