Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Officially Closed

The group project is officially closed. Here are the participants:

Patty A
Kay S.
Kay C.
I am only waiting for Candice's email address. Soon I will email you the simple rules, your part of the quilt to be made, the other participants email addresses and will then I will be requesting everyones mailing address. It should be lots of fun.

Only in Florida can you get gas, lunch and a nice throw rug for the home. I actually like several of them. They give me ideas for quilts and a couple of the rugs look like they copied from quilts!
We had a great day in Sarasota with G's sister and visited her new condo. It is full of tons of wonderful art, which they collect, but my favorite is this glass work from an artist in Santa Fe.
It looks like jewelry.

On our way back home, it just happened to be about the time of day when we were driving when I saw the armadillos. I have looked and looked for them again in vain but as G reminded me that the time of day, and the overcast sky are identical to the last spotting, I put my knitting down and looked.
\Sure enough, there they were, playing off to the side of the road. If I wasn't so lazy or busy playing scrabble I would look up their habits and see if they are nocturnal because approaching dusk is when I spotted them both times. I just love to look at them. They look like they are wearing armor.


Robbie said...

The glass art work is amazing! Gives me some idea for more beading!! Just what I need..more ideas. Geezzz

Anonymous said...

I had time for some research. Armadillos are listed as nocturnal, but most sleep around 22 hours a day in one of their many burrows.

ccsinspirations said...

Yes, they are very nocturnal! We have some in the back of our property. Adorable little things but oh so shy... They come out around dusk and start digging holes everywhere.