Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Plan So Far

I am a bit overwhelmed. I flew to Houston on Tuesday for the International Quilt Festival and realized that the cheap Hilton STILL makes you pay for the internet. $13.00 a day and I won't do it. I know that it's the price of a stiff glass of wine but it's the principal of the thing. Because of that, I am so far behind in blog land that I may never catch up.

I flew out of Houston yesterday and flew to Florida last night. There is a lot here waiting for me to do. We packed up the master suite to have it remodeled and so everything from it was distributed (shoved in) all over the house. We since decided not to do the remodeling but maybe move instead so that's up in the air. My cataract has ripened for a year and I go to the eye doctor tomorrow to see if the other four appointments (that includes the removal surgery) can stay as planned. I will be doing a little about some of my mothers belongings in the next couple weeks too.

I am gonna go and find my camera and download some of the pictures from Houston.