Sunday, November 21, 2010

Play Date

My friend Kay reminded me that I neglected to put any of my quat (my own naming- rhymes with squat) quilts on the website. I answered her that I didn't have any good pictures of any but I would retake a picture of one that is in my great room and so, true to my word, I took yet another picture.

My dilemma is that the sun is either flooding the room or is reflecting off the multitude of windows like this photo shows. Even at night there are glaring reflective issues. Of course, I could take them down and place them elsewhere for the photo shoot but that involves lots of nailing, levels and a lot more stuff that I am willing to do. Plus the moving of furniture just to get at them. I think that I will let the website rest without this series of works. I will, like all the other series in my brain, get back to them and maybe smaller this time. These groupings are about 24" each (that's a guess; again, I am too lazy to measure.)

Today we have a play date. We are visiting G's sis in Sarasota. She flew down to check on her condo and I gave her permission but stressed that she needs to get back to Chicago because we are going home to have Thanksgiving AT HER HOUSE on Thursday. I love that laybackedness (another made up word- I'm likin' this new twist to my personality) of his siblings. I could only dream of such character traits.

Speaking of dreams, I gathered somewhere in one of my Rims that I am cutting off the group quilt at 16. I have 14, not counting the maybe (Suzie) so the next two that I get will balance out our little adventure. It won't be long now!!!


Anonymous said...

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Susan Turney said...

Very cool quilt!!! I love the colors and of those you can sit and ponder.
I can't wait to see your group project. I hope you post some "progression" photos.

Anonymous said...

Your artwork is amazingly gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love question how do you hang them?