Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

When us gals were heading to the checkout at JoAnn's, Mike noticed this craft page and within five seconds we decided to make one for each of us.
So, just like JoAnn said, 'Let's Make Christmas Together' was our Saturday theme. Instead of buying the little squares of felt like the directions called for, we sprang for the felt on the bolt, thinking that with three of us making it, it would be cost effective. Little did we know that the felt was on sale so
it was even cheaper still. We got a yard of three different greens and a yard (way overkill) of the burgundy. We definitely needed more green than we purchased and thankfully Claudia was gonna finish hers at home with her daughter in law as a fun get together so Mike and I got to finish ours. Way to sacrifice, Claud!!!! Back at the store, Mike and I gathered up the foam wreath (got the green tighter foam for color reasons) and had Claudia stand in the cutting line while I debated over pins and pearls, corsage pins or various other combinations of pins/beads to attach our felt rolls.

When we got home we got to work, making the dining room into a classroom. I did the rotary cutting of the felt while the girls got all the other necessary needs.
In the end I decided on corsage pins and got the longest (3") to be safe. I also cut our felt into 3 inch pieces rather than the two the directions called for. I think it needed more height and if I do say so myself, I was correct.
This is my final finished wreath. I could probably use about four more rolls but ran out and so that was the end of that. I don't have a picture of Mike's finished wreath but she chose to have all the pin heads showing in the green rolls. I went for a more simple look and just had the heads showing on the 'berries'. I had to cut off about ten pin ends in the back to eliminate poking and scratching. I am going to give it to my housekeeper if I still have her at gift giving time. I haven't had real good luck with that in the last year!!!

I think it turned out quite lovely. Does this make you want to do it? You could do it with regular fabric too; just make them longer to fatten up the rolls or else you could always fortify them with some sort of stiffener. I could really see this in batiks or hand dyed fabric. Okay, now get going!

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