Tuesday, November 09, 2010


As would my luck, now I have a cataract in both eyes. How lovely. I have decided to have the repair done separately, even though it will reek havoc with my deductible. Smashing in four appointments that each call for three plus hours of driving puts me at my doctors office and or medical center rather than with the family for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. That just ain't gonna happen. So, the right eye gets taken care of as my calendar has it, in the next two weeks. The left eye will have to wait for the second week in January. I just love getting old. Things I learned? You can only have one cataract in your eye. So to pluralize the word means you have one in each eye. When they are removed, an artificial lens gets put in; therefore you can never get a cataract again. You can, of course, have complications such as infection or a wrinkling of the membrane that is left after the repair is done that can cause blurred vision. They tell me it's an easy fix. I will probably find that out myself, knowing my track record!

Let's get back to the quilts. This section is from 2009 at a festival in Japan.

First up is called 'Sparkling Winds'
and the artist that made it is Masae Utsunomiya (say that three times fast!). It is pieced, appliqued, embroidered, beaded and quilted.
She based it on human ecology, of green plants and woods, in a take off of a kaleidoscope pattern.

This quilt, 'April Love' was done by Park Mi Roung and is a take off of a log cabin using beading, embroidery, piecing and quilting.

Yuko Kosaka made this quilt called 'Earth Trees, Earth Flowers' with very unique fabrics. I love the on point squares of houndstooth. Who knew it would work so well. It is pieced, appliqued,
embroidered and quilted. It is themed as ecology and a green planet too.

'Snow Dancing' shows the wind blowing snow represented by pansies.
It is hand appliqued and quilted by Harve Yumoto. It is so perfect that I spent tons of time trying to decide if it was hand done cauz' I couldn't see any stitches! It made me rethink all the hand work I have been doing lately!!


Anonymous said...

I love the close up pics you are showing of the quilts. The Japanese ladies seem to do some very awesome work.
I hope your cataract surgery goes as scheduled and is uneventful (good and normal).

PS I've been reading your blog for a long time but don't usually comment. My one and only grandchild, Violet Rose, was born two years ago in December.

vivian said...

Wow -those quilts are amazing! Good luck with your surgery!

robinww said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt pictures.
Hope your surgery goes well. My husband has had cataract surgery in both eyes in the past year. It was a very easy process and recovery. Life is SO much better with good vision.

Anonymous said...

Ain't "60" grand??

Anonymous said...

Tommy, My 89 year old mom had cataract surgery done this year. The hardest part was keeping all the pre and post surgery drops straight. If they don't give you a chart to check off, make one for yourself and save a lot of aggravation. Good luck

Lori in VA