Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Gordon came out to the studio at dusk and told me to come see something.
This is what I was to see. Bella, upon the bridge table on the lanai. Why she was up there, who knows? She's quite a goof. Bella has been back to dog park for a couple days and is reacquainting herself with her old friends, just as I am.

As far as projects go, I am working on a few Christmas gifts, finishing some that have already been started and generally keeping busy.

Let's look at some more quilts from IQF.
I found this one very appealing and clever. It uses all sorts of mediums to get the finished look; paints, inks, colored pencils, and it is fused, machine appliqued and machine quilted. The quilt's name is 'Pursonal Passion' and was done by Sandra Lauterbach.
I love the whimsy of this floral. These two quilts were in a grouping called West Coast Wonders 2010. There were lots and lots of quilts in this group but I am just touching on a couple. This piece, 'Flowers Are A Bloom', was done by two gals, Cherie Shaeffer and Joyce Woodall. It is machine pieced, appliqued and quilted. There is also some hand painting on it.
Here's a close up of it. It reminds me of the colors of Patricia Campbell.
This tiny little piece was in the auction and is called 'Come Play In Sarasota', by Pam Morris. That town is pretty close to me so I may just take her up on that!!!

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