Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Violet's First

Remember this from a blog a few days back? Violet's first sweater? Well, by popular demand, here are the instructions for the little tiny cardigan.

Baby Cardigan

to fit 6 (9,12) months

Skein marked as 4
Size 5 and 8 needles or size necessary to obtain gauge
1 yd. of 4 mm grosgrain ribbon
Stitch holders and markers

18 sts and 26 rows = 4 “ over alternating seed stitch pat using larger needles

Simple Seed Stitch Pattern
(Over an odd number of stitches)
Row 1 K1,*p1,k1; rep from * to end.
Row2 K the purl and p the k sts.
Rep row 2 for simple seed st pat.

Alternating Seed Stitch Pattern
(Over a multiple of 4 st plus 3.
Row 1 K3,*p1,k3; rep from * to end.
Row 2 Purl
Row 3 K1,p1,k3; rep from *to end p1, k1.
Row 4 Purl.
Repeat rows 1-4 for alternating seed st pat.


With smaller needles, cast on 47 (51,55) sts. Work in simple seed st for 6 rows. Change to larger needles and cont in alternating seed st until piece measures 6 ½ (7,8)“ from beg.

shape armholes
Bind off 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows – 39(43,47) sts. Work even until armhole measures 3 ½ (4,4 ½ )”. Bind off.

left front
With smaller needles, cast on 37 (39,41) sts. Work in simple seed st for 6 rows, inc 1 st on last WS row – 38 (40,42) sts. Change to larger needles.
Next row (RS) Work 32 (34,36) sts in alternating seed st, pm, work rem 5 sts in simple seed st (for center band). Cont to work the 5-st seed st band and rem sts in alternating seed st until piece measures 4 (4 ½, 5 ½)” from beg, ending with a RS row.

shape neck
Next row (WS) sl 5 sts to a holder, bind off next 3 sts, work to end. Cont to shape neck, dec 1 st from neck edge every row 4 times, every other row 4(5,6) times, every 4th row 4 times- 12(14,16) sts rem. Work even until same length as back to shoulder. Bind off.

right front
Work as for left front, reversing all shaping and band placement.

With smaller needles, cast on 27 sts. Work in simple seed st for 6 rows. Change to larger needles and cont in alternating seed st inc 1 st each side every 4th row 4(6,8) times – 35(39,43) sts. Work even
until piece measures 6 ½ (7 ½ , 8 ½)” from beg. Bind off.

Do not block sleeves. Sew shoulder seams. Set in sleeves. Sew side and sleeve seams.

With smaller needles, pick up and k 95 sts evenly around neck edge, including sts on holders. Work in simple seed st for 1”. Bind off in pat.

Cut ribbons into 4 x 9” lengths. From WS, sew 1 ribbon to top of right front edge and 1 to bottom of right front edge. Then, sew 2 more ribbons to correspond on RS of the left front, 2” in from side sleeve.


Anonymous said...

I hope that was your own pattern and not copyrighted.

patty a. said...

Thank you Tommy for posting. I can't wait to get started on this project!

Anonymous said...

Are you talking to me, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

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