Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wrapping Up

'Floaters' by Sara Kelly, Anna Koelewyn and Grace Hoya
'Ruby in the Emerald Forest' by Barb Forrester
'Forest Symphony' by Sandra Lauterbach

While at the Quilt Show I noticed these three quilts that looked similar to each other in some manner. I guess the BIG CLUE was that they were hung right next to each other.
I looked and looked and till couldn't figure out what was used in these three quilts that I wasn't recognizing.
I will give you some closeups so you can see if you can figure it out easier than I did.
I think the paint on it seems to mask
the material used. Give up? Bubble wrap!!! Who would have thunk?
And what heron would choose to anchor on the roof of the lanai instead of all the lush surrounding vegetation? This bird, who was at least four feet high, was like a prima donna. I saw him from the studio slider and when the photo I took of him could have been better from another angle, I left the studio and took many pics with Bella by my side, moving across the lawn and the heron just propped his head up higher as if to say,' take this angle; it's my best side!'

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kathy said...

I couldn't go to the quilt show this year so thanks for the great yet limited tour of Houston.