Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yakkati Yak

Questions that came up between me and G on the ride home:

How old is Prince Charles? 62
Is the Queen Mother alive? Dead since 2002, at 101.
How do they get the shells off the tiny shrimp that are in salads? Couldn't find out
What is the name of the author of the new novel that previously wrote Seabuscuit? Laura Hillenbrand and the new book is UnBroken. She is a recluse, suffering from Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome since the late eighties. She is 43 and doesn't leave her house.
What part in Ugly Betty did the guy, Michael Brea, play? The one that took the head off
of his Mom? A one time scene.

Also we looked for an Apple store in Florida, and a Walmart in Gainesville. We needed a new iPhone car charger, size 5 circular knitting needles, and the need to find out if Wendy's has started serving their new french fries that are naturally cut (with skins on) and sea salt. I tried the McRib and was sorely disappointed by the quality. It is not the old McRib. It is colorless and bland. I will try once more to make sure I was just not at a bad franchise.


dee said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tommy.

Anonymous said...

You are among my girlfriend blessings!

Candice Hope said...

New Wendy's fries are pretty good, the ones I had were way over-salted though. Which says a lot since I usually use a whole packet on Wendy's old style fries...