Thursday, December 16, 2010

All In A Row

I am app happy. I am on this kick and can't stop myself. I made the lobster mac and cheese bites from the December Food Network magazine but substituted fresh crab meat for the lobster. They turned out delightful but my battery in the camera was charging so before I froze them, no pictures. Then I decided to make little hamburgers; a variation of what I have done in the past.

I got myself some of the frozen bread dough from the store (too lazy to get out the yeast and make the bread mess) and

thawed it out (which on the counter top of a warm kitchen takes very little time. Then I formed little balls
of about the tip of my thumb size and put them in a non stick sprayed mini muffin tin. I popped them in an oven that had a pan of water than I had brought to a boil (oh, and the oven was preheated to 200º and then turned off) to make my own version of a proofing oven. They rose
quickly and then I baked them in a 350º oven for a few minutes. When they came out I brushed the tops with melted unsalted butter.
Into a skillet I plopped my mini ground chuck burgers (quarter size) that had been treated with nothing more than s&p.
The little soldiers looked magnificent. I mixed ketchup and mustard and put a tiny bit on the meat and treated the bun with a mix of Old English Cheese spread mixed with garlic powder and butter that I had left over from my Garlic Cheese Puffs and had G sample to possibly make any changes. He gave me the thumbs up after trying six (ha ha ha). I managed to save a hundred or so for the holiday get togethers. Oh, and I slightly undercook the buns and the meat so that when reheating them, they will not be overcooked.


Anonymous said...

When I make my sliders, I use an 11x17 sheet pan and bake the meat mixture in that and cut them into 2inch squares - which might be easier/faster than frying?? Just a thought. I'm making some today to take to a party on Saturday. YUM! I'll try the bread dough for the buns next time though!

patty a. said...

I have had these at the art museum for some of their events and they are yum! Sometimes they go one step futher and put a slice of beef tenderloin on them instead of using ground beef burgers.

Irene said...

Can I come to your house?