Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All Wrapped Up

It's done! All the gifts are wrapped and ready for giving. I get the giggles when the last bow is on. I have thought about going green and not wrapping and bagging but I just can't yet. It is way too much a part of Christmas to part with it yet.

The group quilt packets will be assembled today and sent out tomorrow. I know I am brain dead because I couldn't even muster the concept of making a new folder in my email yesterday so if I am asking you for something that you have already sent me, please bear with me. I have thousands of emails in my inbox (I know, it's a nasty habit but then I think? ya never know!) I need Patty A.'s address and Gayle's although I could send it via Candice if I don't hear from you.
I need Diane in Florida's address and Vivian, I tried the email that I have for you (I even checked again) and it got it back. I may be in your junk or blocked list. Anyway, I need a good email address from you as well as your mailing address.

That about covers it. I am making cakes for G's work and a surprise for a favorite brother so that will pretty much eat up my day. It snowed a few inches last night and is just beautiful. It makes me smile.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations..on all that you accomplish.
It IS amazing...just like the dusting of snow that makes everything outside beautiful again!