Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ever Expanding My Horizions

A couple nights ago I went to a customer appreciation dinner at a restaurant that we frequent. It was invitation only and I realized I made a major mistake the very second I entered the place.
I did not bring my camera. Upon entering there was a table with a six foot ice sculpture on it to hold crab legs, shrimp, and oysters on the half shell. This picture was taken by my iPhone about three hours after I entered the establishment. While feasting on crab cakes, dates wrapped in bacon, and about twenty other appetizers I noticed that people were taking pictures with their phones. I rarely ever carry my phone because it doesn't work for 90% of the area, but because I have a granddaughter ready to pop, I have tried to carry it with me so I unchecked my coat and got my phone and started snapping pictures with it.

Unfortunately I was at the dessert portion of the meal when I got the phone so missed the entrees, which were spectacular. They were tastings with pork tenderloin, scallops, chateaubraind, lamb chops with wonderful side starches and greens. Dessert is always fun to look at tho',
so late is better than never.
Little delicate portions were the nights feature. Mini petit fours were wonderful.
Don't know what these are called but I have had them before; I think it's a European tradition.
Large petit fours; yum.
Festive colored vanilla and peppermint mousse.
My mom made these but I am not a fan of maraschino cherries. Kids like them.
They had a lovely array of very thin iced Christmas cookies.
Chocolate malted cups with their very own little straw!
Bavarian cream chocolate cups with some other kind around the outside of the platter with two cookie straws.
And last but not least was a creamy nut cup. I need my spanx!!


Susan Turney said...

Yum!!! I use my Iphone camera exclusively these days. I got a new computer about a year ago and the software for my camera was on my old one. Now I don't know where the software is to load it in my new one. Plus the pics are okay and it's so easy to email them and post to Facebook. I think the new Iphone has a better camera but this one suffices!

Anonymous said...

yummy to the tummy!!!

Irene said...

After I come to live with you, will you take me to this restaurant please?

Karen said...

Wow, talk about eye candy, not to mention edible...the best of both worlds!!

vivian said...

Love those chocolate malted cups with their little straws! Too cute to eat!

Robbie said...

Spanx wouldn't be enough for me after a night of eating all that!! i wouldn't be able to get my butt off the couch to put them on! Food looked wonderful!

carol said...

I would have skipped any of the entrees and gone straight to dessert!