Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Gordon headed out at the crack so instead of him being in charge of Bella's first (and actually the second) walk of the day, the task went to me.
We woke to our first snow of the season. Granted, it wasn't very much, but considering the fact that a week ago we were in sunny Florida, it was enough. I got on my clothes, got my coffee and donned my coat, hat and gloves. Then I chased my gal around the living room trying to get a sweater on her. It was actually pretty funny because after a minute, it turned into a game. Anyway, sans sweater, we braved the morning constitution. It lasted all of thirty seconds. She peed and came right back in. So much prep, and for what? She is now up on the computer desk and will be wearing her sweater before I let her down. And she thought she was smarter than me.

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Robbie said...

you really needed to post a video of trying to put the sweater on Bella! now that would be a 'POST'.