Friday, December 17, 2010


This is the lost blog. It was supposed to be on December 10th. I inadvertently lost it and just found it on the other blog today. I have no idea how I did it. My internet is in and out and that makes me crazy.
This is the scene that the side neighbors have to look at every night. I have a garish competition with my neighbor but it is very subtle in that it can't be seen from the front or street so as to not excite the passersby. This is very far away and when I took the pictures I couldn't even see that the bare trees are kinda in the way. Oh well. We also had four lighted, in bad taste, holiday decorations, just under the blowups and outside but the storm all but ruined them.

So, what have I been up to?
This may give you an idea. Stocking up for the wee ones was the past week work. In this freezer and the other two refrigerator freezers hold the fall pesto, turkey chili, brown stew, turkey meatball bean soup, lasagna, spaghetti pie (which I posted yesterday on the Tommy Cooks blog; you just double click on the side bar that says the blogs name and it will come up),
hot and spicy pasta (Maggie's favorite), baked pork pasta, and chicken spaghetti. I think that wraps up the dinner portion of the marathon cooking.

I finished up with appetizers; the family favorite, garlic cheese puffs along with mini beef wellingtons, and mini pizzas. I figured out how to do the pizzas so that the shape is a little bit better. Instead of just rolling them out and cutting them out and then rolling them thinner (thereby changing the shape) I have now put them through the pasta machine and
then cut them out. It makes for a more even looking bite. I par cook them to hold the stuff on so that I can freeze them. They look like little faces peering up at me.

I have a couple more apps to make but I think the kitchen needs a break and anyway it's gonna be in the high 30's today so I wanna wrap up a few loose ends as far as shopping is concerned.


Cindra said...

Is there a recipe for hot and spicy pasta?

Anonymous said...

Your heart rate has to be that of a marathon runner, just as he/she crosses the finish line! zip-zip-zip!

Karen said...

Wow, I wish I had half your energy! Even when I had a freezer, it was NEVER full!

Robbie said...

so what time does your restaurant open?

Susan Turney said...

I did see this post on the day you posted it and as usual, marveled at your energy and creativity!!!!