Friday, December 03, 2010

Now That's A Big Cupcake!

Have you seen this cake pan yet? It holds either a box cake or a recipe for a two layer cake. This one is made by Wilton and is a bit pricey ($26) but I got it on sale and added it to a Christmas order with no shipping after $99 so I went for it. I was just in Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and spotted a silicone version in two separate pieces but the store was mobbed and
I didn't get to see the price right away and then forgot about it completely.
When I found out that my girlfriend was having a birthday on the same day as my Maria's shower, I made her a cupcake especially for her because I knew that Micky was serving cupcakes. It's very easy and you put the two pieces together with frosting and then 'frost' the top cake layer. And don't forget that if you use pre-made frosting (in those plastic containers by cake mixes) you can use your mixer on the frosting for a couple minutes and it makes it lighter, fluffier and makes twice as much. That's my tip for the day. Are ya thinking Christmas present for someone special?


Anonymous said...

since it takes a box cake mix.....I want to buy one to impress my fellow teachers!

Robbie said...

No, I'm not thinking Christmas present..I'm thinking I just want dessert! Looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

If you add confectioner sugar to the canned icing, it will be much, much better.