Monday, December 13, 2010

Old Man Winter

I was more than a little surprised when I took Bella to the vet for her yearly checkup along with a cascade of shots and found that her front top left tooth had been broken down to the gum line.
This is a dog that chose to spend 12 hours on my computer desk rather than get close to the windows that were whistling in the wind with gusts up to 57 mph. Back to the tooth; I have no idea how it happened and she has never given any indication of it so how good a mother am I? She is such a priss that I find this rather tomboyish thing happening to be so out of character. Bella walks daintily. Her nose is up in the air whenever a smell is not to her liking. She keeps herself spotless. How does a dog like this break a tooth off? Opening a beer bottle? The doc said that it appears to be in fine shape, no infection or any reason at this juncture to do anything about it. At least I don't have to feel guilty about that!
The weather is torrential and appears to continue that way today. If it wasn't well below freezing, the local surfers would have a hayday. As it is, the beach is spotless because the water has taken away any signs of beach
and it appeared that someone didn't realize it was winter (how could that happen?) and didn't teether their water toys sufficiently to have part of a boat thingy (I don't know one part from another) floating in my back yard.

I am serene in the knowledge that all my Christmas shopping is over and I do not have to venture out today.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the tooth was lost while chewing on her cousin Bea's ear or when they were just roughhousing while playing during Thanksgiving. But now she matches Bea, sort of, since Bea's bottom left front tooth is missing from running into the fence in the backyard while barking at her best friend Izzie next door to play...she got too close to the fence.
Aunt Claudia

dee said...

Poor Darling...Orthodonture??

I was just at the beach and it looks the same here, sans boat. Dark and gloomy-not helping my mood.
Hope all is otherwise well with you. Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

The ocean in your backyard eh!