Friday, December 24, 2010

Squirreling It Away

Here it is Christmas Eve. We are going to do what we have done for the last 40 years and head to the burbs to spend the evening with the Fitzsimmons. I make lots of food and because it all can't be done ahead of time, I have to get cracking and finish up my menu.
Hey, aren't these squirrels supposed to be holed up in a tree? This tiny tiny black squirrel is doing some serious eating.
I woke up to a new tiny layer of snow on the drive and noticed this mess when I went to take Bella out for her morning stroll.
My tree has some sort of berry on it and this little thing was ripping through them. I thought they took food back to their domicile rather than making a mess at the gathering place. I am a little confused, but then that's nothing new.

Merry Merry Christmas!!!


Robbie said...

Happy Holidays to you and G. & Bella!! Hope you get to sunny Florida soon too. We're outta here on Monday!! Yippee!

Robbie said...

Oh forgot...I'll have a margarita for you at at El Azteca in Macon, Ga. next Tuesday!! Like I need an excuse to have more than one!!