Wednesday, December 15, 2010

State Of Emergency

This is very bizarre; yesterdays blog is gone. I distinctly recall posting it before grooming and getting dressed for the bowling banquet (stop laughing) where we ordered from the menu in a restaurant (odd) and actually got back various amounts of money (my catch was $44; I just don't get it). Anyway, for whatever reason, the blog never saved or posted. I will have to investigate further (probably not).

The gist of it was that our little county was designated state of emergency. It was lovely and scary at the same time. The county shut down and asked, if not demanded that everyone go home or they would take you home and that non emergency businesses close. Micky almost got a ticket for going for coffee. I myself didn't move out of the sweat suit. Any excuse. It only lasted until noon yesterday (thankfully, due to the bowling banquet and all).
This was posted before; it was the first snow that we ourselves actually had. This is the same
view out of my window by the computer that I took less than halfway through the storm. We got between 18 and 24 inches. We were too small of a town to actually get talked about but we were smack between these two figures. If I had an ounce of desire, it would be a perfect snowman day. Now that I think about it, it is, but for someone else!


Anonymous said...

One word....snowdyeing...well ok, maybe it should be two words!!


Frieda said...

Well you could be in Michigan. Missing you. Have a happy fun food filled holiday. Are you going to post your menu, I need inspiration. xxoo