Thursday, December 30, 2010

These Are A Few

The bundles for the group quilt are out and I am starting to get feedback from all of you. I have not sent the instructions via email yet because I need to have a group mailbox set up and don't know how to do it yet. As soon as I do that, the instructions will be in your inbox!

I thought I would share a few of the bounty of beautiful things I received for Christmas. It was hard to choose what to show because I got a multitude of wonderful things. I will be fair and show you an even sampling of the treasure trove.

First up,
a pig bowl and side dish. I can't see me using these for actual food. They are too much like fine art to take out of their place of honor in my hutch.
Their little faces are very endearing. I have named them Mutt and Jeff.
I got this fabulous mirror art that is already replaced a flower picture in my powder room. I had to photograph it in a recliner (one of four in the main room) so that my body would not show up in the mirror (bad hair day!). The theme of the powder room is fast becoming fish, which was never an actual plan, but that is how it worked out.
For lack of another name for this, I will call it a bread basket. It is made out of stainless steel mesh and rubber and wood. It too will never be used but will be something lovely to look at.
This new 'serving' bowl has already found a place in the center of my dining room table. Again, how could I put anything in it?
I was almost giddy when I spied this bundle of little enclosure cards all hand made. I have such a great family; they know just what I would like!
Even Bella had a hand in this Christmas cheer. She gave me a princess pig. A princess from a princess.


Beth in TN said...

You might want to try a "private" Yahoo group for your group mailings, etc. It will allow you all to post photos, etc. Here's where to start one:

It's so simple even I could do it :)

Anonymous said...

You are blessed!