Sunday, December 12, 2010


To go along with this years pillows, with the help once again from my sister Mike, we devised a card to be inserted into the boxes.
I got my kit ready for the making of the cards.
This is the front
and this is the inside, with room to write.
Notice that not only do the words have commonality, but they also have white pompoms. The top of the card just has a hole in it so that when you open the card

the inner pompom peaks through. I still have tons to make to send out to my friends and family that don't get a pillow but I have neglected it to the point that I don't think they will get done this year. We shall see.


Karen said...

What a cute card...not to mention innovative! You and Mike make a great team.

Anonymous said...

Have you personally confiscated all the banned caffeine you can accomplish all that you WANT to do (vs. "need") to do???

maggie z. said...

loved both the pillow and the card..terrific as always! i recognize that catamaran from your next door neighbor's last almost got swept away then too!!