Saturday, December 11, 2010

Which One Are You?

I got the word, visually last night from California, that I could now blog the Christmas pillow. I got reprimanded last year for blogging before everyone got their pillow.

Here it is in the delightful hands of Nancy, my pal and favorite Scrabble partner (and only Scrabble partner).

For those of you that don't know this, I make 30 pillows for Christmas gifts each year. I started 21 years ago. The number has changed depending of various circumstances and the pillow is always different. The only constant in the pillow is that it starts out with a 14" inside pillow.

This years Christmas started out by one of my delightful blog readers sending me a link that had a pillow that she thought I might like to do. I looked at the link, loved the pillow but thought that it was a lot of work on my part. Then I went to Houston.

The brand Clover came up with these pompom makers that I first saw at the quilt festival. (I just went to look for it but can't find it or waste anymore time this morn than I already have.) Needless to say I HAD TO HAVE THEM; all different sizes. Then my little bitty brain went back to the pillow link. Hummm. So, I started to make pompoms while watching tv at night. I stopped at 12o or so I thought. I didn't intend to make one more than needed but I guess I did because I have eight left over. Now, to compound my ailing memory, I can obviously no longer count as well.
Having all the pompoms done, I started to tackle the problem of the lettering size and spacing had to be tackled. So, in cases like this, I called on my sweetest sister, Mike, to solve the problem for me. She did just that. She managed to manipulate the lettering so that it would take roughly the same space on the 14" (which I always use) on both sides. Obviously, the size of the lettering had to be changed. I think she did a great job.

Then came the cutting out of all the letters. I put that off for awhile. I think I took a nap.
It took forever for me to applique the letters. I started out promising I would do a letter a day but the thought of thirty letters appliqued a day was daunting. I just did the job when I felt like it and it took a couple months to finish. I just did the calculation; counting the top of the 'i', I appliqued 360 letters. I am now gonna take a nap!
The packaging this year had a little glitch in it. I had half of them boxed in tissue, wrapped in Christmas paper and then wrapped in brown mailing paper - ADDRESSED - and realized that I didn't put the year on it so I had to (with gritted teeth) open them all up and date them and redo all the wrapping shit.
This is one side;

and here is the other. I ended up writing 2010 going down the side of the 'n' in permanent green marker. This picture was before I put it on. I think this pillow took the most time of any. I love it tho'.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!! I was looking forward to seeing your pillow this year!!

Anonymous said...

Another one of your AMAZING FEATs!
Just thinking about the time and energy you spent on these makes me tired.
Just wonderful!

spikemuffin said...

Much appreciate all the labor and love that goes into this effort each year!

Irene said...

I love it too and I'm sure all the recipients appreciate all the thought and effort you put into this - especially after all those years it must get harder and harder to come up with something original. Kudos to you Tommy!

QuiltingFitzy said...

You NEVER fail to amaze and WOW me with your pillow ideas.

I'm hand making all my office Christmas cards this year, yeah..a little over the top. But that's exactly what I'll be remembered for!

Thanks for showing.

Karen said...

Great job on the pillows Tommy. What a clever idea!

Robbie said...

How nice!! I'm sure your family/friends look forward to these every year!!

Corky said...

I wait every year to see the pillow. Love this one. Sure wish I knew a way to get on your pillow list!