Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have spent the last couple days dealing with fabric. I took some from my mom's house, with plans on maybe doing something special with it. But first, it had to be washed. I could tell that some had been washed because my mom was one of those quilters that cut the corners before washing to cut down on fraying. Yet, other fabric had clearly not been washed. Five loads later I had a mass of a mess. The fabric was all tangled and caught up together so after separating it before drying and SEPARATING it after drying I found myself with a massive task of ironing the fabric.

This is one of those times when I covet a nice book on my iPod. I finally finished up around dusk last night. Within all the odd pieces of fabric I found this amazingly beautiful hand appliqued block.
My mom probably misplaced it and it ended up in with her stash. It is an 18" block and I am guessing that it is one of the Hawaiian patterns. I thought it was so fitting because I mentioned Hawaii in yesterday's blog. I doubt that the topic has come up before and now here is this. Oh Mom, where are you?

My mom didn't get into quilting until after I did. It was thirty or so years ago and the very first quilt that she made is still around and my sister has it. My mother in law got into quilting around the same time. It's a family thing.

I can't tell you how happy I am that the ironing is done!!!!!


Beth said...

What a great treasure to unearth! Makes the washing and ironing worth it, doesn't it?

Irene said...

I was told not to bother ironing the fabric after you wash it as you iron it again before you use it anyway.

No, not a coincidence - she's still with you and always will be.

Robbie said...

How wonderful to have 'found' this square. It's great!!! Our moms never do leave us!