Saturday, January 08, 2011

Darlin', Dimple, Twinkle, Pickles, ETC.

I so don't want to be on the road but here I am. My kids and their new addition are still in the hospital but I had to go south. I have to deal with the final cataract on Monday and until I do, I can't drive at night or even at dusk. There is nothing I would rather do than be with Violet Jane (Yes, she has a middle name!) but I too have a life and my sight is a major concern. The house is taken care of and we have Miss Bella with us but I am more than sure that I will have to make a sneak visit up north to see Violet. I LOVE all the grandma name suggestions and stories so keep them coming. I will love to take them all under advisement and choose a name for Violet to violate (notice that violate is just one letter added to her name and what a change that one 'a' makes~!!!) as her verbiage grows. She could do what my oldest sister did to my Grandma - it turned out to be Mooey and it is one of my most endearing names ever. She was my favorite grandparent. We used to call her Moo or Mooey or MooCow. That's the kind of name I am looking for. But having said that, I thought my insanely brilliant children would do something with Grandma and Grandpa but they ended up being Grandma and Grandpa Bus and Grandma and Grandpa Boat. That was because my in-laws lived on a bus line and the bus pick up was within a block of their house in Chicago and my parents lived on a canal in Florida that had a boat on davits in the back yard. I think that I really don't want to be Grandma and not because it makes me sound old; I so don't care about that!!! Hell, I have gone grey!!! I just want to have a very special name. My thought is that if I start out with something different and if others call me grandma, that will add to the name that I call myself and my exceptional grandchild will give me such an amazing name that in fifteen years you guys will be so jealous because I have that greatest Grandma name that all my issues with it will have been worth it!


Kathy I said...

Thought, since yo have a wonderful pig collection, maybe, something will come out of that. I mean something really cute. Just like you!!
Pictures are wonderful.

Gayle from MI said...

She is so delectible. I am sure you are having a hard time leaving and WILL have to sneak back soon. My best friends grandkids call her "Grandy" because the first one was confused between granny (what she wanted to be called) and Grandma (what their other grandmother wanted to be called). It fits her because she is "grand". There is also "YaYa" chosen by a co-worker because it was so easy to say hers was the first name the baby said. HA!

wpritchett said...

I feel like I have "earned" the name Grandma and feel so proud when my four grandchildren call me that. The other names are cutesy, but think about when Violet is older (adult)...LOL, it will be here before you know it. My sons used to call my dad PawPaw, then as they got older, it was so cute and he's now Pop. Besides all that, you don't find greeting cards with those other name....just a thought for you. ya....Violet is sooo cute. Pink is precious!