Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favorite Auntie

Today Violet is three weeks old. Gordon said something funny to our daughter a couple days ago and I can't get it out of my mind. I will tell you in a minute.

I was looking for pictures of Peter (Violet's dad) to compare their baby pictures. Everytime I found a picture that resembled Violet, it wasn't him. It was my daughter Maggie.
Here we have Maggie, just home from the hospital with her big brother Pete watching over her; or is he teaching her how to pick his nose?
Violet is a little more of a budda baby because she has almost three pounds on Maggie but still there is a startling resemblance. This is her first picture, taken when she was about five hours old.
Here we have Violet again (two days)
and here is her dad, once again taking care of Maggie (over thirty years ago). I certainly had a lot of trust in a two and a half year old, didn't I? Their hair is the identical red color. These old pictures have weakened in color and they are a picture I took of a picture but still these girls could be clones.

G told Maggie that she should call Violet MiniMe.

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Anonymous said...

OMy my, you are so right, she is the spitting image of your daughter!!!