Friday, January 14, 2011

I Can't Resist

I started playing around with resist the last few days. I kept looking at the first batik I did a couple years ago and started to quilt it many times but stopped because I thought it could be better. I had to put into my brain that it was a lesson and that I could do better.
I liked the content but not the execution so I decided to do it again and again.
My first two attempts were losers. First, I tried to make them too big to start. I hung them up to dry so I could free up my work space and try again but they ran. It was very humid outside and that was a big mistake. This is done on cotton and the lines are thinner than this next one. These two
are around forty inches square. This one had too much resist on it and it just blurred together in spots and that was not what I was looking for. Plus, this one is silk and it got hard and pretty much unusable.
Last night I tried again on a much smaller piece of cotton and went very slowly and I was very happy with the results. I will attempt to paint it and try again. It's pretty fun to do.


Ramona Lindsey, Artist said...

What are you using as your resist? Will you paint or dye this piece?

Robbie said...

It is fun to do but I'm not fond of 'remvoving' the resist. some times it's easier than others...