Friday, January 21, 2011

It's A Dog's Life

The craziest things happen at dog park when I don't have my camera with me which is pretty much all the time. When something very funny happens I try to remember the next time to take it but it usually is not as eventful. That was the case a couple days ago when I took the camera.
In any event, it's nice to see Bella snubbing these two sister bichons that don't have as much pride in their grooming as she does.
She does catch the eye of others while she prances by with her long, fashion model legs.
For some reason, 'like' dogs seem to hang together. There are three cavalier's in this pic.
This little pom went up to this guy and was frantically kissing him. They had never met before!! I wished I had the movie camera for this one!
It appears that someone has a treat or two in their pockets. This makes for a very popular human.
It is as if someone said, 'now everyone get in a line and smell each others butts'. They are so obedient.

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Robbie said...

Bella does have 'model' legs doesn't she! So funny...tall and slender as a model should be I guess! We just tell Mandy she's big boned (and not overweight and gigantic for a Bichon!). We love her anyway!