Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Golden!

There's nothing I like better than to host or attend an award party and last nights Golden Globe (I always wanna say Golden Girls) was no exception. My finery is no longer on but I can still give you my two cents on stuff that caught my eye. This is just my take and I am a very simple person.

First up- Dresses - My Favorites
Michelle Williams with the beige and taupe daisy print
Catherine Zeta Jones in strapless green
Olivia Wilde in a very full but definitely striking grey/black thing
And - drum roll - My very favorite was Clare Danes in Hot Pink
Haley Barry looked great in a simple black dress but then she always does.

Worst? Once again January Jones got the nod from me.

I was disappointed in Ricky's emcee job this year. He seemed hell bent on criticizing Hollywood and its actors and wasn't particularly funny about it. I am a big fan of his but not last night.

I thought the best presenters were Jimmy Kimmel and January Jones. It was very funny seeing each other's voices coming out of each of them.

It seemed like everyone was so blatantly reading off the prompter and I was hoping that Robert DeNiro was a bit inebriated when he read his response to getting the big humanitarian award (can't remember the name of it) because he read it so fast I couldn't follow what he was saying.

Sandra Bullock had the bangs of her hairdo so long that you couldn't see her eyes.

Johnny Depp chewed gum the entire night.

Pitt and Jolie were all over each other. Get a room.

And the best laugh of the night? A commercial for NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup. Tina Fey said that Amy Pohler (Parks and Recreation) was back! She said "We are like Oprah and Gayle, only we aren't denying anything!!!!"

I was surprised to see Paul Giamatti and how much weight he gained since John Adams. He looked like he was full of air.

When Steve Buscemi was at the podium giving his best actor award spiel he mentioned his 4 year old nephew, Tootie. I think that may be a grandma name.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a Tootie on one of those old 70s shows with a young George Clooney? Can't remember the name of it now. . . . .


Anonymous said...

I can't believe your take on things. Even though I was there with you I didn't realize that we think exactly like each other. That Jolie bitch was laying all over Pitt. Bullocks bangs? What was she thinking? See, not see? She went for the not.

Anonymous said...

Tootie was the little black girl on "The Facts of Life" back in the 80's.

Anonymous said...

Tootie was the little black girl on "The Facts of Life" back in the 80's.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Helene Bonham Carter had on one red shoe and one green complete her outfit!
Aunt Claudia

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, my neighbors were Turk and Tootie....he was our milkman.

Anonymous said...

You must have too much pride to be called a grandmother or grandma or grand mom

Regina said...

Ha,,,first of all what was up with that English girl interviewing people during the red carpet pre-show? She was horrid, her dress look it came from Good Will (and trust me, I go there often so I know from whence I speak) and she was terrible at interviewing....January Jones is too pretty to dress like a ho. Totallly right on about J.Depp and his gum chewing..Saw Black Swan and loved it this past weekend. It's very weird and scary.....