Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Say No

I haven't posted food in quite a while. There is a partial reason for that. G decided to eat everything in sight during the holidays. I did try to mention that there are at least three meals a day and he doesn't have to feel like consuming his total calorie count of the day in one sitting. So for G it's salads and protien. It's very sad. Oh, I was referring to our refrigerator .

To boost my consumption morale I chose this morning to post one of the desserts I made for the holidays that
acted, in some measure to put me in my current predicament. It's right out of the December
Food Network Magazine and is one of the throwdown cakes that he won with.
It was quite detailed and I had to transport it to my son's house. It is a german chocolate cake with ganache but I can't remember the name of it and the recipe is up north.

The inside looks better than the outside!!! Well, for now, my cooking and baking will have to be limited to pictures.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen a German cake looking anything like that!!! I think German housefrauen would be aghast at you calling that 'monster thing' German.

Robbie said...

Just in case anyone is interested the recipe is here:
or just type in throwdown's german chocolate recipe in google. It's a WONDERFUL cake!

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

As someone who has had to give up sweets that cake looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Checked the ingredients in that link and got to disappoint you all....no German cake is made with those ingredients....coconut milk? Goat milk? and all the rest...no no no...whoever named that ghastly thing just wanted it to seem authentic.