Sunday, January 09, 2011

Let's Talk Weather

This is my pathetic stab at container gardening. I had these herbs and patio tomatoes planted nicely and placed strategically by sprinklers and out of the harsh Florida afternoon sun. It seemed like a plan but for some reason they are all grouped on the lanai, in full sun with some dead and others suffering miserably when we arrived back. G and I are at a loss as to how this arrangement came to be but we have a few ideas. The house sitter felt like they would do better in the cold if in the sun? G's brother didn't know about why they were originally where they were and moved them? Or maybe Elizabeth, the housekeeper, who is local and was the one who told us where to put them changed her mind due to weather or whatever and here they are. It's back to the store for basil and maybe tomatoes. The rosemary is very hearty and so is the flat leaf parsley. The dill is a bit sick but may have a comeback.
Everything seems brown this trip back to Florida. Except for where you know for a fact that sprinkling is involved, the grass is dormant. Remember January 1st when I showed you our dead coconut palms from the spring?

They aren't even missed. It is 50ยบ, sunny and windy today. I hear there is over 20" of snow from where I was just a couple days ago. What a difference! I am not complaining!

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