Sunday, January 02, 2011

Nice Biceps

Geraldine Hoff Doyle died a couple days ago at the age of 86. She was the model for the "We Can Do It!" poster from the Rosie the Riveter era. She had just graduated from high school in Ann Arbor Michigan when the young boys were going off to war so she decided to do something for the war effort. She went to work in a factory running a metal stamp machine when she was photographed. The rest is history. Funny thing is she only worked there for two weeks because she heard that the woman she was replacing left because she damaged her hand. Geraldine, being a cello player hightailed it out of there and got a job at a bookstore!!!
Some things just never change; on second look they actually do. Rosie now has earrings on and what looks like a small hand weight in her right hand is actually a rotary cutter!!!

So, as lots of you know, I don't watch the news, listen to the news or read the news (except People, and I don't know if that constitutes news). Any little tidbits that I receive are from G who yells them out randomly. He thought I would like to know about this and so a minute ago I took down the "Keep On Quilting" frame (that is directly in front of ANYONE that enters my studio) and showed him the little changes in the picture and the fabric. He was amazed that I managed to get the fabric, border it, quilt it and frame it, all without leaving the house yesterday, after he read me the article. MEN.....


dee said...

I saw the obit for Rosie in the Times but haven't seen a picture of the actual woman before.

Happy New Year. Hope litle Violet turns up real soon. How exciting!

diane said...

I have to say that was the best laugh I have had in a long time. (Not Rosie the Riveter dying but your husband thinking you had made that up just after he told you about it). Men can be so clueless!

Thanks for the chuckle.