Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pack Is Back

This was my contribution to the playoff festivities. (Sorry Bears, you gave it a good try.)

As it stands now, Chili's Restaurant has the best nachos to me. Prior to that, Macaroni Grill got the nod for fave with their langostino nachos that had the thinest chips ever with a white cheese (maybe asiago or fontinella), banana peppers and the shrimp/lobster. They discontinued it and we discontinued going there. They were so much better than the food (my Mom's favorite restaurant and right by her house) that we ended up not ordering any entrees. Maybe that's why they took them off the menu. We were probably not the only one that figured out that two pounds of pasta per person was somehow wrong.

I just looked up the difference between shrimp/prawn/lobster. This is a tiny bit of what I found out.
Prawns and shrimp are very similar. Besides being shellfish and crustaceans, both are decapods, which means ten-legged. Lobsters and crabs, too, are decapods. Prawns further belong to the suborder of Dendrobranchiata as compared to shrimp, which belong to the suborder of Pleocyemata, to which crabs and lobsters also belong. Shrimp are separated from those by their infraorder of Caridea. The abdominal plating of shrimp are different than that of prawn. Prawn also have a different gill structure and a different way of treating their eggs. Prawn let them go into currents to develop without help, while female shrimp brood them in a chamber under their abdomens.

I was always under the impression that langostino were baby lobster but it's actually a spanish word for prawn. Who new? Anyway, I am so far off my original thought when I started todays blog entry. Oh, yeah, Chili's nachos. I make nachos all the time and what I hate are those chips in the middle that have nothing on them. I have made a thin layer on a sheet pan and put on the chicken, cheese, olives, jalepeno, banana pepper, diced tomato and whatever is left hanging around, and done it this way for two or three layers, but there is still a missing link and I was determined to figure it out. I took lean ground beef and added fajita seasoning and browned it. I added (to about a pound) a can of refried beans. I lined up the chips on a sheet pan and put a mound of meat mix, some mexican 'ish cheese and topped it with a partial (because they are HOT HOT HOT) jalepeno and heated them in the oven and ended with a broil which, as you can see, may have been a mistake. I can personally vouch for these; I ate 14. Yeah, I know, I counted; what's with that? I know that Chili's doesn't use shredded cheese and in looking at their Chili's To Go menu, it looks like their cheese is just cheddar. It looks much neater than shredded. I wonder how they do that?
My January quilt is half way quilted. I have all but two of the colored bobbers done.
I decided to go off the beaten path of my regular quilting style for these centers. I am gonna wait until it's done to see if I need to go back and put more quilting in these. These squares are two inches. I used chalk to mark the lines. I have done that before and it just goes away eventually. I think I will finish this up today.


dee said...

Chili's Texas cheese fries are my secret shame....Thank goodness there isn't anyone around often to feed my jones. Love any shellfish...too much.
Love those bobbers. The colors are fabulous and they do remind me of popsicles as well.
Hope all is well with you. I'm almost finished with all the paperwork surrounding ROger's passing. Never thought I'd get done.

Robbie said...

As always, who needs Wikipedia, we have Tommy!