Sunday, January 30, 2011

There Will Be No Wine Before It's Time; It's Time!

Yesterday we headed out early to get to an art fair before the crowds. With dog stroller in tow we headed to Sarasota with Maggie and Grace, with G as our driver. It seems that it doesn't matter when you get there, it's not early enough. We ended up parking in a bank parking lot that wasn't opened. Now that I mentioned that, we noticed on the way (we went the non expressway route) that there were very many banks that are out of business; I mean MANY. It must be a sign of the times.
We passed a new store in the circle on the way to the fair (on foot now) and I noticed this grouted broken tile floor of a window display. It brought to mind something similar that I
did on a revived discarded base cabinet from a kitchen renovation. I like mine better!!! The sign in the window (it's hard to read from the picture) said 'I was a plastic bottle; and look at me now!' I wonder if that's possible. I guess I will have to stop and google it. I just finished my extensive research (30 seconds) and found that Mohawk recycles for carpeting. Close enough.
We stopped for a lovely lunch and I snapped a picture of Grace waiting patiently for her setup of napkin and flatware. She loved the fries.
Here's Mag with Grace under her arm posing in front of a painting that I really liked.
Bella is a bit leggy for the purse transport so she was very content to not be underfoot and ride in style. The girl is truly a chick magnet!!
I was very intimidated, picture taking wise and I don't know why other than the fact that it was slammin' crowded. I managed to get off a wall of funny saying prints that I liked.
Did I tell you that my parents were vacillating between Tommy and Polly for my name choice? I can picture my other life with a constant barrage of triscuits and wheat thins offered up to me.
Notice the theme going here? Not planned, I assure you!

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dee said...

Pretty pictue of Maggie and Grace. Looks like it was a fun day.