Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Year In Pictures

First off, Happy New Year to all of you. I haven't heard a word so I am guessing that my son does not have another tax deduction for 2010, or the first baby girl born in 2011. Now at least, we know for sure that the time for baby Violet is fast approaching!

You find that this time of year is big on the high points of the past year; the best movies, best videos, best songs; you get the idea. I have chosen a twist on that theme. I have decided to go into each of the 12 photo albums I have on my computer and pick a picture that I don't believe I have ever blogged. Not exactly the most inspiring thing to do on this first day of 2011 but anyway, here goes.
January- a picture of a painting from I don't remember where.
February-Bella trying to run away but then thinking better of it and coming back to mom.
March-a precious kid who had a better grasp of the English language that I.
April-The three palms in our back yard that died after the frost and are now gone forever. As a side note to these coconut palms, they cost us plenty to have the coconuts taken off before the dropped on our screen cage or the tiled roof and did some serious damage as they have done in the past. Good riddance.
May-a very peculiar 'palm' tree in northwest Indiana.
June-a towel elephant on a bed on a cruise in Turkey.
July-a beach babe in my back yard.
August- beautiful flowers.
September-the opening display at H&M on Michigan Avenue that I was scolded for taking. Na nana nana.
October-a gas station with a pawn shop on one side (as you can see) and a beauty shop on the other (which you can't see).
November- what Violet looked like at Thanksgiving.
December-a gift of an apron, complete with it's own pearls. My bowling team always wears pearls when we bowl so now the team has an apron with pearls as well.

I don't make New Years resolutions anymore because they just scream for me to fail. I did have a thought come into my head that I would try to complete a finished quilt that stretches my capabilities for each of the coming 12 months. It's not in stone but just a hope. Again, may your New Year be the best that it can be.


Susan Turney said...

Happy new year, Tommy! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

This will be a fabulous year for you and Gordon (and I suppose, Peter and Maria!) you all fall DEEPLY in love with sweet Violet-to-be!

Pammyfay said...

Perhaps little Violet is hoping she can just stay snug and warm in mom's belly until spring arrives?!