Friday, February 04, 2011

All Over The Place

I think, because my current series involves drying time in between sections that I have become
a person that has lots of works going at the same time. I don't mind it at all except for the fact that when I have certain colors on my plastic palette, I tend to want to use them up and then all my current work would have the same color way and that's not so good. I have to have the mantra in my brain for paint that I use for fabric; 'it's only fabric' and that gives me the permission to waste it if necessary.
This work is in the process of being quilted and I am having trouble with the 'leaf' quilting.
The larger outside background colors will be quilted in the way I quilt everything these days. These little leaves are a different matter. I do not do free motion so shadow quilting is exhausting to me but I guess that is what I will end up doing.
This piece is done with the paint and wash out part but is yet to have my thoughts on it's quilting. I plan on making this larger than it's current size of 22"square and doing it with individual pieces of fabric rather than painted cotton (I guess that would make these resist pieces whole cloth quilts).

This piece, 'Candyland' is totally complete. It is about to be sent in to SAQA for the 12" auction
which I am always involved in.
I did a little bit of hand 'x ing" with white floss in some of the white areas. It is 12 inches square.
This piece, 'Melting Popsicles' is finished and actually has been for a week or so. I had to redo the
back because I could see some of my stitching down of the facing on the front. That will never do.
It measures 56" x 27" and I am anxious to continue further with this theme. I love it when I have a completely unique motif to run with. It makes my brain work overtime!!!


Anonymous said...

Your quilting is exquisite, seems like you are in complete control of your machine!

Anonymous said...

These are totally irRESISTable!!! Love 'em.
I'm inspired....
Dre in WA

Linda said...

Love this batch of quilts, especially the colors :)

Karen said...

I love the brightness of all the pieces. They are all very creative.

Melody Johnson said...

I am soooo impressed with all of these. Love the designs and the quilting is so wonderful. Yay!Tommy!

diane said...

I really love these - every single one. I am going to print these pictures out for my inspiration book.

I'm so glad you shared them with us.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE these two pieces.....keep going!

Carol T, Dallas