Thursday, February 24, 2011

All Things Violet

Remember this? It was the sweater I knitted for Violet in the fall. It was her first gift. My sis was knitting one while she was in quilt overload this past week (baby blue, it was) and we realized that she was knitting it wrong as I did . The outer border was to be a seed stitch but I thought I was knitting it wrong and so I made a rib. Mike was doing the same. It took the keen eye and mind of Jean Ann to figure it out that we were doing the edging wrong. So, I started again to make it and did the exact thing wrong AGAIN - three times. Anyway, who cares?

She certainly doesn't!!!! Have you ever seen anything cuter? And she doesn't even know it!
Here is Violet's birth announcement. G watched her this past weekend so that the kids could go out on the town for a bit. All told, she was PERFECT. I am going to see her next weekend.
Oh, this is another violet colored person, and she is right there knitting the blue sweater wrong. She will come and see Violet next weekend too. But she can not wear that shirt.


Karen said...

Oh what a cutie pie. Isn't being a Grandma awesome?

dee said...

Oh my goodness! that beautiful face... Can't get over how much I love that name.