Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Current Work

Ignore the other stuff on the design wall while checking out what I am currently up to. As I said before, I am recreating a painted whole cloth quilt with a fabric pieced replica. I am pretty pleased with it except for the large white part on the left side. I did not do the black and teal work to scale and it shows. I will redo that and then I am sure I will be happy with it and it will be ready to quilt.
My sister Mike completed this quilt, 'Slide Show' except for the borders. We are going quilt store shopping tomorrow and she will look for something to use. You can click on it for a closer view of all the cool fabrics she used.

The resist drawings of yesterday are dry and ready for painting. We are going out to lunch and maybe a little bar hopping and then we will come back and paint. At least that's my plan this morning. But with the day's lineup, that could change!!!

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