Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day! My Valentine is still snoozing. We are going to go out tonight which is very rare on a Hallmark Holiday for us. We didn't realize that when we made the dinner plans, that it was the 14th. I am sure it will be just perfect.

Oh, I forgot to crop this newest piece. Oh well, you can see what a messy design wall I have. The quilt is sandwiched, pinned and ready for the sewing machine but I just couldn't. I have to put that assignment off for just a bit because I wanted to put on my thinking cap for the next work.
'Lorena Bobbitt', which is completed as a whole cloth quilt (just one piece of fabric that is painted and quilted) is now going to be reproduced in individual pieces of fabric. This one is much trickier because I am not working on a white background as before so I could just leave the resist spaces around the appliqued shapes. So, after changing the picture into black and white and copying that onto acetate, I used my overhead projector and enlarged my drawing.
Here is what I drew. Sorry that the photo isn't real good; the light from behind, which I need to do the job, isn't so good for photographing). I only cared about the shapes themselves, not the spacing for the quilt; I wanted to fit the whole thing on one side of the slider so I could open the door (I know, that's mean to all you snow bound friends) so I scrunched the details in 32" and would re space them correctly when I actually started sewing the quilt. I finally decided to make both side groupings of shapes to be done in white and then I would applique on top of that, leaving the necessary white rim to get the effect I want. So I turned my drawing around to get a mirror image and traced the outside shape on freezer paper. After cutting the shape out of the paper, I then ironed it on to white fabric.
I cut around the shape leaving a scant seam allowance which I will turn under with spray starch and a paint brush.
Yes, this was a tad time consuming but I just took it slow and easy and eventually I could tape and sew it down. Because it was all white,
I used white thread instead of clear mono/poly.
This is what it looks like after two hours watching my taped shows and cleaning off the back by cutting out the background fabric and removing the freezer paper. Today I will start to add the other shapes and colors.

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Susan Turney said...

I love your whole-cloth quilts. Your process looks so fun with endless possibilities. I seem to have missed why you're reproducing them into pieced pieces.