Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Millie Fanilly

Yesterday I was doing a little more resist work when my friend Millie came over. She is just getting over a severe bout of bronchitis and was still coughing up a lung but assured me that she was no longer contagious. I thought I would just put her to work and sure enough, she did just that.
Within ten minutes I had Millie drawing with glue like she was born to do it. Our gabbing sidetracked her a bit and a couple times she mentioned that she didn't know what she was doing
but the mission church that she had in mind looks pretty damn good to me. She will now have to come back and do some painting on her drawing, now that it has dried. She is indeed a quick study.


Millie said...

I haven't been on the blog in months and sure enough I go on and there I am. Thanks Tommy. Good to see you and play in your studio. There's always something going on in your spectacular home.

Heather Bennett said...

Looks like fun!! What kind of paints are you using?