Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On My Own Again

My man is home (and Bella is very happy) and the girls are gone. It is always fun having them.
G chooses to leave when I fill up all the bedrooms with females. I don't get that at all, but I humor him.
I like to send them off to the airport with a little something to help them keep up their strength.

We always take a picture at the same restaurant each year that we get together. This is the first picture back in 2007. I put them in the blog in the wrong order. I did it backwards and you know me, lazy lazy lazy.
We try to be in the same position.
We tried to face the building but
somehow, in this picture we didn't and so the next year, in the wind, we
didn't again. We had a debate this year as to what direction we faced and I said that it was always the building (something to do with the sun).
Now, going back, I realized that we did half facing the building and half facing the Gulf. Notice that we have another girl with us. Mike joined our ranks this year. The only thing consistent in all these pictures is Peggy's sunglasses are always the same (on the left). How can that be? Who in the hell has sunglasses for five years? She's a freak.

Before they left me we did a little show and tell f what they accomplished while they were visiting. Here is Mike's work.
This is the little bit that Anne did. She needs to pick up a little speed, don't you think?
This is a meager sampling of Peggy's feats. That's Jean Ann in the background. She and I did not do show and tell. Jeanie didn't because, although she accomplished much, none of it was sewn together. I decided not to show what I did because it is probably going to be for you and I wanted it to be a surprise. Surprise!!!!


Susan Turney said...

And who would have thought you would all get cuter each year????

Karen said...

Great photos. Great quilts. I especially am drawn to Mike's quilt on the right. It kind of looks like a film strip in the sashing. Would you happen to know the name of it? I have some great focus fabrics that I hate to cut up into small pieces. That pattern would work well. TIA

dee said...

Gorgeous gals. Liking the film strip top so much but I'm especially fascinated by the lower right hand blocks on the last pic. Are they NY beauty blocks? Looks like they will make a great quilt.

Millie said...

I'm crashing next year's quilting week.