Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Baby

My take?

The winners were expected and well deserving. I loved Kirk Douglas; how can you be so adorable and all after what he's been through, but there it was. Moral? It's never too late to be adorable.

The opening of the show where Anne and James were in the scenes of the nominated movies was as cute as it could be. I loved Annes dresses, especially the first red one. I don't think Valentino can handle one more face lift.

Fave dresses in this order:

Michelle Williams
That cute young girl from True Grit
Halle Berry
Reese Witherspoon

Weird dresses? I wanted to like Cate Blanchett's because of the detail and the color but that cut out thing in the front was over the top. Nicole Kidman could have made her own outfit, it was so odd. Marisa Tomei did make her own (I KNOW it was vintage; it looked worn out and out of style). Helen Carter is always a hoot.

One guy wore glasses on his forehead. Did he know where he was and what he was doing at the podium?

That's about it; I fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

Although it was not the best I've ever seen, I did stay up for the whole thing. I loved the opening segment with Anne and James doing parts in each nominated best movie but overall felt it was kind of forced? Oh well, . . . .

spikemuffin said...

Valentino! We were wondering who that was. Positively Mummified! Nothing wrong with Mr. Douglas' mind, very entertaining bit.

daughter said...

I must say that Cate Blanchett's dress was my favorite.

Karen said...

I didn't even watch, but this am they were bashing Sandra Bullock's hair...said she needed more makeup...I disagree and I LOVED that red dress on her!

Diane said...

I thought the show was dreadful but I thought Anne Hathaway's dresses were beautiful, especially the one dress with all the dangly things that she shimmied in.

I thought the best dressed woman there was Mila Kunis in her lavender gown. I thought she was perfection. A beautiful color and she wasn't all fussy and didn't look like she was trying to hard.